Sunday, June 28, 2015

Update: Announcement: Introducing "The Pattinson Files"

Starting right now, our blog will change its name and we have another surprise.
(Unfortunately we discovered that we can´t change the URL or we´d lose all our links and some of you your bookmarks.
So the URL will still be the old one BUT

the new name is:


The real surprise is our gallery THE PATTINSON FILES

TPF consists of Lizzie & Nessie, owners of the rpattz86-blog. A few years ago we´ve noticed that  many gallerysites just kept disappearing and with them all the awesome old pics of Rob.
So we wondered what to do about it and came up with the idea of creating our own gallerypage. Nessie & I are always up to no good and so the idea was born and we ran with it.
We´re working on this gallery since the beginning of 2013. What took us so long? Simply RL and of course keeping up with recent Rob stuff. It's more important when he's filming or promoting and we're getting pics every day. The biggest issue was to find all the old candids. Some fansites do not post them, others disappeared. So there was our main focus, collecting as many old pics as possible. Another part that took a LOT of time was the Public Appearances section.
We gave us a deadline to post this gallery in the beginning of 2015 with at least the finished parts: candids, PA, photoshoots and we´ve almost managed this. Of course there´s still a lot of work to be done.

We collected the pics from various gallerysites all over the internet and sometimes they´re tagged. We´re trying to replace them with untagged ones but that´ll take time.

These are the mainparts of the gallery. When they´re finished we´re moving to the remaining topics: misc, screenshots, mag scans, adding more to the video archives and cleaning up.
Will there be mistakes? Of course, we´re not perfect. So if you find a mistake, please contact us! Let us know what´s wrong!
Did we use a pic which belongs to you? And we´re talking about really you, not just tagged with your pagename, contact us. In short: contact us whenever or about whatever you want :-)

Now we´re leaving you alone with Rob. Enjoy the pics (maybe you´ll find something new) , & the video archives.  Check it out, have fun and keep coming back for more....oh and please spread the word ;-)
The site is far from finished, but it will be added more little by little. When a section is finished we´ll make an announcement. The “normal” Rob-related news will continue to post here such as movie news, award appearances and so on. The only change is, that the pics will also appear on the gallery blog & in the timeline.
So, have a Rob-tastic day

Oh and you can also follow us on Facebook rpattzblogspot
(a name change isn´t possible here either) or Twitter PattinsonFiles/rpattzrob.
The one usually answering tweets is Lizzie You can ask to be our friend on FB if you like. Here´s Nessie`s link

Update: from the beginning we´ve noticed that some pics on Imgbox went "black" and broken. We´ve tried to fix them but the issue is still there. Imgbox appears not being able to help us. So after a long time and lots of time lost with replacing them just to discover broken ones the next day we decided to move to another hosting page. Over  the next few months - lol if not years - we´re going to move all of the pics. Be patient - we´re not giving up!!!


Oilily said...

Woohoo!!! Great new look and congrats to publishing The Pattinson Files! You do a great job saving all the goodness for the future!!!!

Cullenboyz said...

Yay! Thank you for keeping the good times going!