Sunday, November 30, 2014

FKA twigs calls Robert Pattinson "the man that I love" and "100% worth it" in interview with The Guardian

Excerpt from The Guardian:
“Oh, I’m nothing. I’m nothing right now.” Twigs offers a neat delineation on the different sorts of repute a “weird” artist can attain. “I think it’s easy to sit in this trendy cafe, in a trendy little area of New York, and say ‘Ooh, I’m FKA Twigs’. But outside of these four blocks, does anybody really give a shit? Probably not. I’m well aware if I walk down one street in New York, I’ll hear people say: ‘Oh my gad!’ And if I walk down another street: nothing. And those streets are blocks apart from each other.

New fanpic of Rob at LA County Museum of Art- Nov.29th

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This is what happens when you go to the Museum for fun. You meet #RobertPatterson I'm not a fan of twilight but he is pretty charming. #LosAngelesCountyMusumOfArt

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Corbijn talks about working on LIFE's post production and new Image of the movie


For his latest project Anton Corbijn has returned to the Hanseatic city. In Post Republic Life is currently preparing the color grading for the Australian-Canadian-German co-production.

"It's wonderful to be here again," says Anton Corbijn. Dutch director and photographer had last A Most Wanted Man shot in Hamburg and was enthusiastic about the locations and the special atmosphere in the Hanseatic city. His latest film Life tells the story of Hollywood photographer Dennis Stock, gets to know in 1955 at a party the still unknown James Dean. A special meeting of the addition to the world-famous portraits of Hollywood icon, a wonderful friendship apparent.

The topic was very appealing to him, told Anton Corbijn, who became famous as a photographer mainly by its musicians Proträts. Also on film, he has worked with artists and personalities within his first film control the life of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of the band Joy Devision in scene.

Life is produced on the German side of Wolfgang Müller (Barry Films) and is expected to mark the 60th anniversary of the death of James Dean in 2015 in German cinemas. The main roles Dane Dehaan and Robert Pattinson play. The Hamburg Film Fund Schlesig-Holstein has supported the film with 250,000 in production.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Rob played guitar on 'Birds' for the band Death Grips.

@newnewpollution credits on the new vinyl release of Death Grips' Government Plates.

"Zach Hill recorded Pattinson's guitar with his iPhone and the band sampled the recording on the track."


New pic of Rob in LA celebrating Thanksgiving - Nov. 27th

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I got the best host mum in the entire world!!! #happy #thanksgiving
#and #robertpattinson #in #the #background haha


Thursday, November 27, 2014

FKA twigs talks about making Robert Pattinson happy, long distance and more to Interview magazine: "He is so sweet"

Interview: Are you not scared that your music could set beside your new boyfriend?
FKA twigs: Not as long as the music sets the tone (laughs). 
Interview: I was allowed to interview your new friend one year ago. He was the first star my daughter met.
FKA twigs: Oh? Where? Now I already love your daughter.  
Interview: In Los Angeles. She was six weeks old.
FKA twigs: Was he nice to her? Has he picked her up?  
Interview: No, then he could have bitten her.
FKA twigs: (laughs) But you have interviewed him? 
Interview: He was charming as it can only do Englishmen.
FKA twigs: He is so sweet.  
Interview: And unexpectedly funny. Still he looked sad in a certain kind. I hope you can take this from him.
FKA twigs: I try  
Interview: Are you afraid to lead a so known long distance relationship?
FKA twigs: Why should I have to? 
Interview: Because everybody watches and you find no time for itself?
FKA twigs: You simply have to take the time. If two persons really want to see each other, then this is going to work. And it works with us quite well!


New/old video of Rob and Dane Dehaan filming Life

The IMDB Page for Life is listing 25th September 2015 as the UK Release Date for the movie. 
Also, as you can see below, it has Sweden listed as 13th November.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Another new pic of Rob from the GoGo Gala

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New/old fanpic of Rob from July

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Emilie Gatzke: "My mouth dropped to the floor when he walked in. I looked at my boss and said "do you honestly expect me to serve him right now??" And yes it is really him! British accent and all when he ordered from me . I guess he's been in the place I work a few times but I've never seen him yet...until last night! I was so excited lol"
 pic  from this night West Hollywood with Zac Efron

New fanpic of Rob with a fan from San Francisco last night

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Short video of FKA Twigs & Rob leaving Warfield - San Francisco. Nov.21st


Thursday, November 20, 2014

New fanpic of Rob with a fan in San Francisco - Nov.20th

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New pictures of Rob at the GO GO Gala + Donate in Honor of Rob

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@thegocampaing is challenging Rob fans to donate in his honor. Rob supports the organization that raises awareness and funds to help orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world (you can learn more about The GO Campaing here).

Saturday, November 15, 2014