Friday, October 31, 2014

New/old fan picture of Rob at a costume store in NYC, August 21 2014


#Happy #halloween !:) meeting with world,s #mostfamous #vampire @ #Halloweenstore of all places :):) #Robertpattinson #twilightmovie #twilight #edwardcallen


New Interview of Rob, John Cusack and Evan Bird with CHCH - MTTS TIFF Promo

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New Interview of Rob with The Free Press - MTTS TIFF Promo

TORONTO -- For Robert Pattinson, working with a director like David Cronenberg is an emphatic departure from the Twilight world of brooding, sexy vampires.

But then again, the English actor's role in Maps to the Stars does represent a certain redundancy. He is again placed in a limousine, where he spent almost the entirety of Cronenberg's Cosmopolis as a billionaire financier on a slow road to ruin. This time, Pattinson is in the driver's seat as a Hollywood wannabe actor-screenwriter, who at one point is contemplating joining the Church of Scientology "as a career move."
The Free Press spoke with Pattinson about Round 2 with Cronenberg:

New interview of Rob and John Cusack from MTTS TIFF Promo


New Rob Interview with CTV News - MTTS TIFF Promo

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New Rob and MTTS Cast Interview with Cineplex Movies - MTTS TIFF Promo


New Interview of Rob & MTTS Cast with CBC - MTTS TIFF Promo


Friday, October 24, 2014

New/old pics from the Twilight press junket

I really don´t know if they´re truly new but we´ve never seen them before and we definitely haven´t posted them. So...
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