Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017, welcome 2018

2017 is coming to an end and rpattz86 is too. No, not what you´re thinking, we don´t quit. 
But since we wanted to get rid of the rpattz-name for a long time, we decided to make a clean break. 

We can´t change the URL of this website without losing all posts so there´s only one way to do it. We move the blog to an other URL. The name of the new bloghome will be 
This blog and all the old posts will stay here so there´s always access to it. Of course it´ll be linked on the new one so you don´t have to bookmark both or search for it. 
The gallery home will stay the same but we´re still working on changing the picture hoster since imgbox is simply not usable right now. More and more images got broken and disappear. 
With Rob beeing that busy in 2017 we simply didn´t find the additional time to fix it yet, but we´re working on it. 
 With that being our final post on this blog we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and lots of Rob goodies. 

And now...please switch to our new home....pattinsonfiles

Appearances as far as we know 2017

December 7th - LA (The Hollywood Reporter Round Table) will be aired in March at Sundance TV

January  23th - Utha Sundance Film Festival